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Best Home Security Systems For Home Safety

There is no need to explain what kind of peace of mind a home security system can give you. Your loved ones, your family, and all of your valuables are in a house without any means of alarm or surveillance systems, what a stressful nightmare.

If you don’t have a security system installed in your home yet, don’t worry. Luckily, there are a lot of different options for home security systems that you can buy in the market, and in some cases, you can even install the system yourself, DIY style. But, how will you choose the right home security system? By reading our articles about them, of course!

In this article, we will talk about 5 more other home security systems you can find in the current market. These systems are not in a particular order, or we cannot claim that they are any better than the systems we talked about in our previous article. They are all good and can be considered the best in different aspects. Everybody has different needs and concerns when it comes to home security systems.
So, you should compare these home security systems in the service details, including devices, features, and pricing aspects, and choose the right one for your home.

Ok, Let’s get into the details of the home security systems that we chose for this article;


ADT – Home Security Systems

ADT is one of the older home security brands you can find. Being old doesn’t mean being outdated for ADT. They follow the latest home technologies. They offer one of the most compatible home security systems in the market. ADT is fully integrated with some smart home systems like Alexa and Samsun SmartThings. This means you can tell lock or unlock your doors to Alexa.

They are also partnered with some other home system brands. One of those brands is Nest, which we talked about in our previous article about home security systems. ADT offers some devices made by its partners with some packages. For instance, you can get a free Nest Thermostat, if you buy their Video surveillance focussed package called “Video Package”. They offer 3 customizable packages for different levels of needs, they are “Traditional Package”, “Control Package”, and “Video Package” in this respective order.

Depending on your needs ADT offers;

  • Smartphone App For Complete Control
  • Smart locks with keypads,
  • Video doorbells,
  • motion sensors,
  • surveillance cameras,
  • contact sensors,
  • Smoke alarm,
  • Fire sensor
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • 7/24 Monitoring
  • Instant Notifications via E-mails and SMS
  • Home Automation Systems,
  • And even GPS trackers for your family members

The problem with ADT is that they don’t give you certain prices for their packages on their website. So, other than their monitoring service starting at $30 per month, it is not possible to give any minimum cost you would have for ADT. Since all the packages they offer are customizable, you need to contact them and ask for a quote. They will give you a quiet for free, which is nice.

You can inspect the details of ADT home security systems at their web site;


Link Interactive – Home Security Systems

Link Interactive offers a bit more service-based solutions than our other examples. They sell smart locks, sensors, panic buttons, and cameras. But, unlike other brands, most of their devices need to be bought separately to integrate your home security system. The main product they sell is their service packages instead of device packages like other brands. They install really complicated and professional systems into your house such as the independent electrical setup that can continue to work even in power cuts.

Their smallest package, “Standart Package” costs $ 30.99 per month and it offers;

  • Cellular Service
  • 2-Way Voice to Monitoring Station
  • Intrusion, Fire, Crash & Smash Alarms
  • Smoke, Fire, CO Detectors

If you need more, their bigger packages can offer, in addition to The Standart Package content;

  • Remote Control online or app
  • Energy Management
  • Lights, Locks, Thermostats
  • HD Video Monitoring On Demand, Scheduled, and Motion Activated Video Recording

You can check all of Link Interactive devices or services, and contact them on their website;


Brinks / LiveWatch – Home Security Systems

LiveWatch Security is one of the most loved home security systems out there. You may know LiveWatch by its later name “Brinks Home Security”. We will use this name here, don’t let it confuse you, it is the same system.

Brinks Home Security is one of the all-in-one style complete systems that we talked about a lot in our previous article. And, it is closer to the more affordable side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, when you buy a Brinks Home Security package, you need to pay the monitoring service fee to get the full service. But, it is not expensive for what it offers. And according to the comments, it is not difficult to cancel the membership if you want, unlike some other brand contracts.

They offer two packages, with the main difference between video surveillance devices and services. The cheaper one costs $399 or $11.08/mo for 36 months. In addition to this, you need to pay $ 29/mo for the Monitoring Service. This package includes;

  • Smartphone app controll
  • Touchscreen cental control hub
  • A motion detector
  • Three contact sensors for doors or windows
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notification Service
  • Yard Sign & Stickers

The second package costs $499 or $13.86/mo for 36 months, and $ 39/mo for the Monitoring Service. And this package includes the same devices with the first one, with the addition of;

  • An indoor security camera with Night Vision
  • A SkyBell video doorbell
  • Video surveillance monitoring service
  • Ability of viewing 24/7 live video on your smartphone

All the devices are DIY-friendly and wireless. So, the setup process is just placing the devices where you need them. Also, if you need more sensors and devices you can buy extra devices from Brinks such as smart locks, keypads, flood/smoke/CO sensors, or outdoor cameras. Your system can control up to 119 smart home devices. And, the whole Brinks Home Security Systems, including these additional devices can be controlled through Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple TV.

Check current pricing and promotions on their website;


Scout – Home Security Systems

Scout offers one of the best home security systems for you if you are not happy with the idea of being forced certain starter packs as the other brands offer. Scout has no particular starter package. And all the devices are optional from the start.

The main hub cost just $129.00, which is the only mandatory device of the system. Other devices you can add to your system are;

  • Door lock alarm panels ($69.00 per each)
  • Access Sensor for windows and doors ($29.00 per each)
  • Motion Detector ($49.00 per each)
  • Indoor Security Camera ($99.00 per each)
  • Smoke and CO Detector ($69.00 per each)
  • Glass Breaking Sensor ($59.00 per each)
  • Smart Doorlock with Keypad ($229.00 per each)
  • Water/Flood Sensor ($39.00 per each)

You can add as many devices as you want and create your own system for your needs. Since setup is very simple, place and turns on style too, the whole system is a real do-it-yourself experience.

In addition to devices, you can also get a monitoring service from Scout for $9.99/month, or $19.99/month for even more professional services. With this membership service, you can also get video footage archiving for $2.99/per month per camera. ($19.99/month membership includes free archiving for one camera).

On top of all these Scout Home Security System also has an incredible level of compatibility. You can use your Scout System with;

  • Nest Protect Devices,
  • Philips Hue Lights,
  • LIFX Led Lights,
  • Google Home,
  • Amazon Echo
  • and all IFTTT integrated devices and apps

Learn more about devices and membership details, and create your security system package on their website;