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Major Home Alarm Security Companies in USA

The statistical numbers for burglary in the united states are getting higher every year. Of course, we are all worried about the safety of our families and valuable possessions. Luckily, there are also really good home alarm security companies in the business. The only problem, is there are so many options, it is really hard to choose one of them. How can you know which one of them is better than the others and worthy of your time and money? In this article, we will give you a list of the major home alarm security companies in the united states. Let’s have a look at them;

ADT – Home Alarm Security Company

ADT is basically the biggest home alarm security company internationally. They are the home security with the most amount of customers in America. They also have a massive number of workers. ADT mainly gives services for the home security business, however, they also have business class security services.

Protect America – Home Alarm Security Company

Protect America isn’t a brand that is known outside of the united states. But, they are one of the best home alarm security companies in the USA. They are in the business since 1992, meaning that they have a ton of experience. Nowadays, the products of Protect America Home Security, are mostly focused on DIY setup style and affordability. So, it is no surprise they have so many customers.

Stanley CSS – Home Alarm Security Company

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, “Stanley CSS” in short, is a sister brand of the tool brand “Black & Decker”. With a reputation on its back, it is not surprising to see Stanley CSS successful as a Home Alarm Security Company. Although they are relatively new in the business, they gained a lot of customers with their wide range of security services and products, such as smart locks, sensors, and security staff casting services.

Protection One – Home Alarm Security Company

Protection One is another home alarm security company that has a lot of customers. They give both home security and business security services. They offer multi-aspected packages, not only for anti-burglary security but also for fire, flood, and carbon monoxide.

Vector Security – Home Alarm Security Company

Vector is one of the oldest home alarm security companies in the state. They have been in the business as long as the country itself. There is even a claim about their founders having signed the Declaration of Independence. Including Benjamin Franklin himself! That is right, Benjamin Franklin was one of the founders of Vector Security Inc. Home Alarm Company. Back in the start, the main purpose of the company was fire protection and insurance. Of course, now they offer all kinds of home security services.

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Monitronics International – Home Alarm Security Company

Monitronics is one of the American-originated, international home alarm security companies. In the US, they are giving home security services to almost a million customers from all the states. Also, they have been called the best security company by Dallas News, understandably, since Dallas is also where they have the most amount of customers.

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