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How Much Does a Home Security System Cost?

Home Security System Cost

You can protect your house and your family with a decent home security system, that is sure. But, the cost you need to pay for these systems can vary extensively. Some home security systems are extremely expensive, while there are some much more affordable options. Does it mean that those cheaper home security systems are worse than others or not safe enough? No, not at all. So, how much a good home security system should cost? In this article we will talk about this;

Of course, you would prefer one of the affordable home security systems. After all your money doesn’t grow on trees. But, there is no price for the safety of our loved ones. Also, don’t forget that while we are trying to save some money by choosing a cheap home security system, the amount we can lose in a burglary can be devastatingly high.

According to the statistic recorded in 2014, USA citizens had lost more than $3.900.000 total in burglary cases in a year. And the average loss per household was about two and a half thousand dollars. This is much higher than the cost of an ideal security system.

It is not hard to imagine most people have possessions more expensive than the value in their houses. Antiques, jewelry, computers, smartphones, firearms, or stashed cash, can be many things, really. If you have stuff like these in your home, you definitely know what kind of values a house can store. Even one luxury item a burglar can grab on his way out can exceed the whole home security system cost. We are not even talking about memorials and heirlooms. Their values cannot be measured. We hope that you haven’t experienced any trauma by getting harmed or losing your valuables in a burglary.

By all these factors, of course, security companies are aware of the importance of your safety as well. That is why some of the best security brands have ways to offer you their home security systems at affordable prices. They generally follow two main strategies;

Home Security Contracts:

Some companies offer their customers lower prices for signing contracts with them. These contracts will guarantee that you will work with them for a certain period of time so you can get the same service with lower fees. Also, signing this kind of security contract generally cuts down the installation costs and activation fees too. Meaning that Your upfront costs can be lower too.

DIY Security Setups:

There are some home security systems on the market that you can buy and do the whole installation process yourself in a DIY manner. By leaving the setup to you, these providers can offer you much lower monitoring service fees. There are also DIY systems that you can use without any monitoring service at all, so there are no monthly fees. These home security systems are generally easy-to-setup and more user-friendly than others. So, you may choose to get a home security system like these, not only for the lower overall cost but also for first-hand experiences.

The cost of these products is generally focused on the upfront payment for buying the devices. Some may be seen as a bit expensive at first but thinking that it is the only price you will pay, it may still be a better deal. Many of the providers of these DIY home security systems also offer optional and additional monitoring services with your security system. So, they are not behind the service-based-only systems.